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Often we tend to take everyday experiences for granted, not valuing them until they’re under threat and we’re in danger of losing them altogether. Covid lock-down has revealed this quite starkly. 

Generations of Homo-sapiens have looked up to the heavens to see the Milky Way and star constellations. It helps ground us and gives a sense of perspective about our place in the universe. There does seem a growing interest in start gazing, night-time photography and nocturnal nature and the night sky. 

Perhaps no wonder then with light pollution on the increase and growing awareness about the issue, when we visit a new place and take the time to look at our surroundings we enjoy the stars in the night sky even more.

A central motivation behind our Dark Sky Ecotourism Project is the opportunity to strengthen the tourism economy, particularly extending activity into the winter season. Dark Skies are also seen as a core quality of tranquillity and the special qualities of the landscapes in the National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty who have/or are seeking Dark Sky Park or Reserve status.

Our project is an innovative vocational education project which will produce a rise in the number of remote, rural European tourism businesses which develop innovative products and services based on the opportunities afforded by Dark Sky Ecotourism. With its commitment to sustainability – economic, social, and environmental, we aim to refocus European tourism to be more sustainable and resilient.

Our project strives to achieve greater socio-economic and labour market inclusion in regions which continue to be typified by brain drain and the resulting social and economic destabilization that brings.

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