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Are you ready for Dark Sky Ecotourism?

In recent years, tourism Innovation has become more important than ever before. But how can tourism SME’s and micro enterprises that are already resource and investment poor become innovative and do so in a way that is effective and financially viable? We think that one of the best ways is through Dark Sky Ecotourism. It offers a form of frugal and sustainable innovation by tapping into two natural resources – the night sky and nature. Uniquely, it is framed around evening or nighttime activities which would not be considered the norm in tourism businesses.

Are you ready to explore the opportunities that Dark Sky Ecotourism can offer? You can check using our tools below:

Dark Sky Assessment Toolkit

Here you can find information about useful tools to quicky and easily assess the quality of your dark skies.
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Ecotourism Quiz

Take our short quiz to assess if your tourism business is an ecotourism business and is delivering on the 8 ecotourism principles.

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