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The recent meeting of the Dark Sky Project Team in Lucera, Italy, was all about bringing people together to discuss the future of eco-friendly tourism under the night sky. The meeting lasted for three days, from 19th to 21st June 2023.

Day one started with attendees checking in and getting to know each other. The main discussion was about ongoing projects such as the Dark Sky Ecotourism Guide and the Dark Sky Audit and Ecotourism Assessment Tool. A coffee break offered a good chance to relax before diving back into work. In the evening, the team went to Biccari for dinner and some practical dark sky activities at Pescara Lake.

On the second day, the focus was more on how the projects were performing. The morning session included monitoring and evaluation talks, while the afternoon was all about project management. Lunch provided a nice break and a chance to enjoy some local food. The team then went to Bovino and Deliceto for evening dark sky activities, this time at Paduli Forest.

The last day was mainly about planning for the future. The team talked about next steps and deadlines and wrapped up the meeting with final discussions and lunch.

Overall, the meeting in Lucera was a productive time for everyone involved. The team members left with a clearer understanding of the project's direction and the work that needs to be done. It was an important step for making tourism and night sky viewing work together in a responsible way.

To really capture the essence of our time in Lucera, words might not be enough. So why not let pictures do the talking? Have a look at these lovely photos that sum up our time spent in this charming Italian town. From the focused faces during discussions to the awe-struck expressions under the night sky, these images say it all. They not only highlight the hard work that went into the meeting but also the unique experiences that brought us all closer to our goal.

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