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Introducing the Dark Sky Ecotourism Guide

The Dark Sky Ecotourism Guide is a comprehensive 90 page document designed to introduce tourism businesses, education providers, as well as those in the wider tourism ecosystems (DMO’s, rural developers, tourism networks) to the concept of Dark Sky Ecotourism and its ability to transform regional tourism economies.

Although a lengthy document it is practical and accessible to use. It presents policy and market/consumer trends side by side compelling case studies from 5 European countries – namely Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Italy and Portugal.

What’s inside:

What is Dark Sky Ecotourism? (Page 6)
Who are Dark Sky Ecotourists? Existing and potential (Page 15)
Dark Sky Ecotourism and Future Tourism Trends (Page 25)
Dark Sky Ecotourism products and services (Page 34)
Promotion of Dark Sky Ecotourism across Europe – policy spotlight (Page 59)
Conclusions – References (Page 87)
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