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Welcome to Our Dark Sky Ecotourism App

Our App your gateway to a breathtaking night sky experience! Since ancient times, the night sky has been a source of wonder and inspiration. In today's world, this fascination continues to grow, with increasing interest in dark sky observation, astronomy, and astrophotography.

Our app is designed for individuals and organisations involved in training and business within remote and rural European tourism. The App aims to highlight that there is a movement in European tourism committed to the natural world, dark sky and wildlife. We want to help those interested in taking advantage of Europe's post-pandemic tourism opportunities by offering an experience that is both sustainable and forward-thinking.

Within the App you will find video guides, equipment guides, podcasts, a self-assessment and more. 

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Dark Sky Ecotourism App

Here you can find information about useful tools to quickly and easily assess the quality of your dark skies.

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